Co-creator of soXial chiX, Shi was raised in both Austin & Houston TX. At the age of 19 this vibrant lady moved to NYC to model and to intern at one of hip hops biggest record labels. This well-traveled, entertaining fashionista is a southern belle with a big city personality.

Quote Her… “Being a soXial chiX is having a strong minded, take charge personality...with tons of fashion sense of course”.


Coming from the city of roses, Pasadena, CA. is soXial chiX co- creator Kiki. Kiki brings a flair of coolness mixed with realness flavor to the soXial chiX show. She encompasses her love for real hip hop and soul music in her everyday life.

Quote Her… “A soXial chiX encompasses independence and is a woman who makes her own rules, ideas and has a strong sense of self.”

about the chiX

soXial chiX was established in 2015 by founders Shi & Kiki. As best friends, both Shi & Kiki always talked about different issues going on in their lives. These issues ranged from relationships to T.V. shows to politics to hair. The ladies would of course also engage in these types of conversations with family as well as friends. Shi & Kiki noticed how comfortable and freely women were when talking about some of the most intimate and personal issues in their lives. Likewise, they also noticed that the details in each woman’s story may be different but a lot of the overall issues were generally the same. Both ladies decided to create a platform to share the issues that a lot of women face with the world and so soXial chiX was born.

soXial chiX began tackling various topics on online radio. Both ladies had no problem addressing issues that were not being discussed by women in a public forum. Their honesty and wittiness mixed with their shining personalities garnered thousands of fans across the U.S.    

soXial chiX has now expanded their brand even further by hosting their very own podcast. Watch the chiX by heading over to the ‘Episodes’ page or YouTube and listen to their shows on iTunes or GooglePlay.        
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