On this episode of the soXial chiX podcast we have the beautiful and talented Taylor Hayden, lifestyle and brand photographer in the studio as we discuss being in a relationship with someone "different" from yourself. When we say different, we're talking race, social class, political party, pay grade etc. Can you or have you ever dealt with someone with different outlooks/views than you on BIG issues? You know how we do chiX and gents, grab your drinks and let's talk!

On this episode of soXial chiX, we have make up artist to the stars, Ms. Saffire Cherry in the studio discussing the topic of women supporting women. Is it common for women to rally behind other women and support? Does the support vary in different professions/and or communities? You know how we do... get your wine and/or cocktail and join in on the conversation!

On this episode of soXial chiX, we have Ms. Lauren Napier, beauty and make-up extraordinaire in the studio discussing how to deal with someone when the sex is... wait for it... TRASH! How do you handle it? Is it cool to tell someone they suck in bed? Can they be taught new tricks? Are you willing to take the time to teach them? Grab your wine or your cocktail and join us in the conversation!

We have the beautiful Clanay owner of Flurtyeyez Lash Extensions in the studio on this episode of the soXial chiX podcast where we discuss plastic surgery and body enhancements. Are we for or against them? How much is too much? How do you feel about it? Let us know in the comments section. Now push that subscribe button and grab a glass of your favorite drink and chat with us!

So chiX (and gents)... lets talk about differences when it comes to dressing sexy and dressing like a "hoe" Is there really a difference? Who's judging and who cares?! Watch as we discuss this and a bit more on the soXial chiX podcast. Don't forget to grab your cocktail!

So... do you stick up for your spouse or significant other against your family? How would you or do you handle this? soXial chiX and fashion blogger, influencer, wife and fab mom Nikki dive deep into this topic. Check it out!

On this episode the soXial chiX welcome special guests Kendra & Lonni as we have girl talk about side chicks! What do you consider a side chick? Do you despise them or respect them for handling your light weight? Grab a glass of your favorite drink and get our views on this and more on the soXial chiX podcast!

soXial chiX podcast

On this episode of the soXial chiX podcast, we welcome guest Remmie as we discuss "dating multiple people at once". Pour a glass and join us as we chat,laugh and dive deeper into the topic. Enjoy!

Hey chiX (and gents) Please make sure to tune into our last soXial chiX podcast with Beautiful Media Maven, Kam Chronicles. Kam spills some sweat tea with us (some we've heard and a little we haven't). We, the soXial chiX have enjoyed entertaining you thus far and have so much more coming up. So grab your shot, cocktail or wine glass and take a sip to soXial chiX and enjoy our last show with the beautiful Kam Chronicles. We are soXial chiX!!

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